Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt – Day 12

Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt - Tank.

I know it’s all too real, and this is probably going to come over as flippant, but this really looks like a still from a Tony Scott film.

Why oh why can’t the Americans (and the rest of us in the West) keep our noses out of other countries business. If we are seen to be supporting the Mubarak regime (not, God forbid, that we do) it will alienate us from the entire Middle-East. They want democracy – they should have it. And now, not at some later date.


From the BBC Website

  • Crowds of demonstrators continued to occupy Tahrir Square in central Cairo, following the huge anti-government rally on Friday.
  • In an apparent concession to the protesters, the top leaders of the governing National Democratic Party resigned and Dr Hossam Badrawi, seen by some as a liberal, was appointed as the new general secretary. President Hosni Mubarak approved the changes, including the removal of his son Gamal from his senior party post.
  • Egyptian Vice-President Omar Suleiman invited all protest groups and opposition parties into immediate negotiations on constitutional reform. The biggest opposition group in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood, said it would be willing to take part in discussions with the government only if Mr Mubarak resigned immediately.
  • Confusion arose over the Obama administration’s stance on Mr Mubarak after the US president’s special envoy said he should stay in office to bring about the changes needed for a democratic transition. The state department distanced itself from his remarks, saying he had spoken in a private capacity.

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