Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt – Day 14

Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt

There are some incredible photographs to be found on the internet. Frightening, horrifying, wonderful, terrifying, uplifting, joyous – yet all taken in or around Tahrir Square.


From BBC Website

  • Protesters demanding the immediate resignation of President Hosni Mubarak are continuing to occupy Cairo’s Tahrir Square, blocking off a large area in the centre of the capital.
  • In other areas traffic is once again clogging the streets as people return to work. But schools and the stock exchange remain closed.
  • On Sunday, opposition groups took part in talks with the government. Afterwards, the Islamist movement, the Muslim Brotherhood, said no substantive concessions had been offered.
  • Correspondents in Cairo say the protesters are in no mood to compromise. They want President Mubarak to leave office now and for parliament to be dissolved.

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