Let me wail on about something that is far, far better than sliced bread. Something that has entertained me almost endlessly since I discovered it a mere six months ago. Podiobooks.

Podiobooks is a phenomenal website that started out around the same time as wots-his-name came up with Facebook. It’s a site where authors read their works and release them in episodic form. For free. Yes, entirely for free! That’s not to say that you can’t bung them money. You can (via PayPal) and should.

And yes! There is a lot of extremely good stuff there. From authors like Scott Sigler, Mur Lafferty, I G Hulme, John Lenahan, Mike Bennett, Nathan Lowell, Philippa Ballentine, P G Holyfield and J C Hutchins.

Podcasting’s been around for a while, but to be able to listen to great authors read their own work; well, it’s kind of special.

It’s a new paradigm. Rather than writing a book and struggling to find an agent or a publisher you write the book, podcast it, get an audience and then the publisher approches you. Neat!

Scott Sigler did it with Contagious; John Lenahan has done it with Shadowmagic and its sequel, and I’m sure many others have, too.

Podiobooks is well worth a visit. Don’t miss out.


2 comments on “www.podiobooks.com

  1. Evo Terra says:

    Thanks for the love! And I’m glad you’re enjoying the books. Plenty more coming. 🙂

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