Mike Bennett

Mike Bennett's 'Hall of Mirrors'

I’ve just finished listening to a Mike Bennett podcast entitled ‘One Among The Sleepless’ which I came across at Podiobooks.com. Why I haven’t used the graphic for that is simple. Because using the ‘Hall of Mirrors’ graphic shows you he has several pieces you can listen to. Weird, huh. That’s my mind at work.

Mike Bennett’s mind is even more convoluted and, dare I say, weird and devious.

One Among The Sleepless‘ is a full length novel set in the peaceful English seaside town of Brighton. It involves a tramp, friendship, lust, drugs, murder and ‘The One’. Mike reads/performs it in 33 episodes and it’s thoroughly and undoubtedly brilliant. ‘Hall Of Mirrors‘ is a collection of Mike’s short stories that are pretty wicked and brilliant too. Both are complete, and he also has more to offer as well. If you haven’t yet heard of ‘Underwood and Flinch‘ I’m sure you will.

You’ll find Mike at ITunes and at Podiobooks. He also has his own website: www.mikebennettpodcast.com

Check him out. You’ll not regret it, or so Adam says. šŸ˜‰


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