Libyan genocide

Libyan Genocide

The Middle East is exploding with the desire for democracy. Watching Egyptians of all ages in Tahrir Square demanding their democratic rights and the final resignation of Mubarak was heart warming, but Libya!

I can’t believe that in 2011 this kind of genocide is happening – is allowed, by the international community, to happen.

A lot of it is still rumour, but I’ve heard on the BBC a man describing the bombing of civilians by Libyan war planes. That mercenaries have been employed by Gaddafi to shoot demonstrators. That the army is killing civilians too.

It’s fact that two Libyan fighter pilots who were told to bomb civilians flew their planes to malta and asked for political asylum.

It’s a fact that the Libyan delegation at the UN have disowned the regime and the Libyan justice minister has resigned.

As I write they’re saying that Gaddafi is about to make a speech on TV, but others say he has gone and is on his way to Venezuela.

It has to stop. Now.



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