I am Sick. :(

True Love

I have a cold: I was minding my own business trolling around the net, as you do, when I started coughing. Hacking, deep, body contorting coughs. To cut a long story thankfully short, I ended up with a gobbet of browny-green slimey phlegm sitting in the palm of my hand.

I am presently trying to give up smoking, which could be a direct cause of the above; however, that’s neither here nor there. What is is that oddly and instantly, Gilbert and George sprang to mind.

It came to me that If I were them – or one of them, and I’m not sure which one I’d be – I would have rushed into my studio and created masterful phlegm art with it. I’d have smeared it onto a canvas – admittedly a small canvas – sold it for an exorbitant amount and paid the rent.

Sooner or later I’d be equally famous and the landlord would be waiting outside for his monthly lump of expectorated matter. Mmm.

Ain’t the world a strange place. 😉



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