Earthrise from the moon (taken by Apollo 8)

I am not sure where to start with this blog post, though I know what I want to say. We’re in trouble: big trouble.

See that little blue and white thing surrounded by black? Good, because that’s where I live. And so do you. We all live on it, and we have nowhere else to go if we fuck it up. And, without a shadow of a doubt we are doing just that. Big time.

There’s a large gap in this blog and the reason for it is that I’ve been shellshocked by everything that’s going on. First there was the Egyptian freedom campaign – that worked! They did it! Then everyone else leapt on the bandwagon, thinking, I’m sure, that if the Egyptians could do it so could they. With some countries it worked. With others, not so much.

Then came the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

Like everyone else I was (and still am) glued to the news on television. It’s horrifying … yet, because it’s on TV we’re slowly becoming inured to it. It’s awful and we know it, but somehow it seems unreal … filmic … almost, dare I say it, viceral entertainment. Certainly the news reporters don’t treat it that way. They report with long faces and suitable gravitas. But their producers are fighting each other for the best stories: to be the first crew to report from ‘X’ about the ghastly loss of life. To be the first to walk through some poors dead families destroyed house … to pick watersoaked photos up off partially demolished study floors and tell us ‘they are still missing.’ The long soul destroying panning shots; the overturned cars; the phonecam footage, all meshes together to turn our brains to mush and make us truly thankful we’re not there. But with all it comes a distinct sense of the surreal – and I haven’t started on the nuclear problem.

Yet it’s all happening on that little blue and white thing floating in the cold and dark of space….

We’re bankrupt in the United Kingdom: the government tells us so and yet we’re embarking on yet another war. True: this time it’s legal. This time it’s Libya.

Don’t get me wrong. I depsise Gaddafi. He’s a despot and needs to go. But if they were going to get into shit-kicking mode they should have done it a week ago when they were asked by the Arab nations. Now it’s very close to too late.

What’s my point? So sorry if you think I’m rambling. In actuality I should finish writing this, edit it and then post the result. It would probably be more cogent. But the fact of the matter is I’m a lazy git. C’est la vie. Now you know me a little bit better.

My point, and it is valid, is that we all live on the same planet and it’s too late to continue with the way we’ve all been trundling on. If we are to survive, in my humble opinon, we have to do the following:

  1. Become one people living together on our one world.
  2. Bring together the 1st, 2nd and 3rd worlds
  3. Stop reproducing. Yes, sex is nice, but not the millions of unwanted children (or children created to garner social security payments in the 1st world), especially until we have a stable planet.
  4. Take care of our planet. Earth, Gaia or call her what you will. She’s the only place we can call home.

The thing is … we need a visionary to do it. One person who we can all believe in. I suppose that’s what Religion is for, but all the different flavours aren’t working at present.

We need a visionary leading a planet wide push to sort humanity out before it is too late – if it’s not already too late.


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