Cyber Censorship

Against Cyber Censorship

I’ve just found out that March 12th was the World day against cyber censorship.

I wasn’t too shocked to find out that countries such as Iran, Burma and North Korea were marked on the World Map as ‘Enemies of the Internet.’ After all they hardly stand out as places to go to be free and wax lyrical from a sturdy soap box. But to discover that France and Australia are marked as Cyber Censors flaws me. Why? What on earth has either of them to fear from freedom of speech?


2 comments on “Cyber Censorship

  1. Bruin Fisher says:

    There’s a big mess here – when does one man’s freedom of expression become someone else’s incitement to hatred? Fred Phelps & Co must be free to spew vitriol, but Salman Rushdie’s book got him condemned so that he had to live in hiding for years.
    It’s always religion at the bottom of the hatred, isn’t it? Perhaps even in France and Australia religion is playing a part in those countries’ attempts to limit their citizens’ access to the internet.

    • Nick Calvert says:

      Yep, a huge mess and no possible concensus to solve it. Sure, religion is primarily to blame – which is farcical, as religion as much as I understand it, preaches tolerance and love for our fellow human beings … or maybe I just read the nice bits!

      That France and Australia have decided to monitor their citizens is more than frightening. If I were a global conspiracy type I’d be leaping up and down and stocking the bunker (after buying one from B&Q and installing it).

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