QR Codes – need I say more?


I thought I had quite a nice phone. Not the best, but not bad. More fool me.

Take the above which is a QR Code. What is a QR Code? you may well ask – and when I say ‘you’ I mean those of us who were born in the last century and generally those above 40 and not working in advertising.

QR stands for ‘Quick Response’ and the idea is this: point your phone at a QR Code and the phone will take you to a website where you can get more information.

So, you can be outside a shop after hours and see the most divine and glorious thing that you simply must have! But the shop is closed…! Oh no! What to do?! With QR Codes there’s no more biting fingernails to the bone waiting until the next day arrives and the shop re-opens. No, just point your phone at the item’s QR Code and buy it online. Instantly!

Bands can give away t-shirts printed with a QR Code (actually I think they’re a pretty neat design) and anyone can find their website – or win a competion – or whatever is on offer on the other end. Have a QR Code printed on your business card, or tattooed on your arse. The application of QR Codes are endless.

However, there is a caveat: you have to have a decent damn phone, and by that I mean a phone that runs apps (applications), like an Android or an iPhone or similar.

I suddenly realised that if I’m not very careful I’m going to miss out on a huge raft of new stuff that only a good mmdevice (multi media) can give you. Phones are not phones anymore. They are miniature do-everythings and using them to talk to people isn’t that high on the list of what they can do.

Needless to say the phone I have at present is passe, not to mention antiquated. It has a camera but can’t scan QRCs. So off I trotted to the 02 shop … and came out phoneless, but drooling (Damn, but I love tech! 🙂 ).

The upshot was I spent a good few (not to forget phew) hours learning about Android and it’s kit. I read about rooting, flavours of android, modding, apps, unlocking, and all manner of fun stuff.

Check it out. If it’s not important to you yet it soon will be. It’s inevitable.

Some links to peruse:
http://www.xda-developers.com – Android & Windows smartphone/tablet enthusiasts.
http://www.youscan.me/help – information on QRCs
http://invx.com – create your very own QRC!


2 comments on “QR Codes – need I say more?

  1. James Merkin says:

    You didn’t know about rooting?

    BTW, I am currently in lust over a Samsung Galaxy S. You can even read books on it. All the big carriers have a version, but I’m damned if I can afford any of the plans, since you have to sign on to a data agreement as well as the standard phone contract. I’ll stick to my Virgin Mobile top-it-up every three months cranker and trips to the library.


    • Nick Calvert says:

      🙂 umm, I knew about some kinds of rooting, but not that sort. Lordy one has to be so careful with what one says!

      You don’t have to have a data plan. I use mine mostly over WiFi, which is free – or already paid for. The phone is wonderful! Now I’m coveting the Galaxy SII, but that is too expensive.

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