Wills’ & Kate’s big day.

trotting up the mall

I must say, much as I wanted to avoid it, the wedding was spectacular. It was Britain at its best. After all, in this world of globalisation, The Monarchy are our most popular and successful brand.

The picture above was snipped from a HUGE photo posted on the BBC website: this high-definition, 1.15-gigapixel picture, is a composite of 189 images. The full picture measures 81,471 pixels by 14,154 pixels. The field of view covers 200 degrees. Check it out – if you were there you could well spot yourself! It’s fun to play with, anyway.


I am a songwriter, and also a writer of wicked fiction. I'm in a writer-centric business, too: creating eBooks, cover design, as well as typesetting for print. I am English - so naturally self-deprecating. ;)

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