Bunker at Pett

I went for a walk yesterday and visited a bunker I’ve seen almost everyday for the two years I’ve lived here, but never actually visited. Admittedly, the main reason I’ve not been there is that the route takes you down a singular path, and the last time I walked it was to collect the body of my beloved cat, Cody.

The weather was lovely, the valley full of bleating sheep and their inquisitive lambs, and then you arrive at the hill. The hill is steep; goat steep. Luckily my sneakers had sole enough to get me to the top where I sat for five minutes to get my breath back and admire the view. It’s stunning – though you can’t really see it from the photograph.

Then I explored, and discovered another series of well hidden bunkers, too.

I sat musing, for half an hour or so, and what popped into my head was an idea for a short (1/2 hour) drama set in the bunkers after a global apocalyse. A small crew with digi gear and a small cast – maybe even a two hander. £5,000 – 10,000 and bob’s your uncle.


On the way home the sheep were especially bleaty as I disturbed them at rest on their sandy shelves, wind carved in the side of the hill. Getting home a while later I had a huge grin on my face and felt very positive: today, not so much as I face the fact that one doesn’t achieve without trials and toil. Ideas I can throw out ten a pound (inflation), but reality is different. Very.


2 comments on “Walk

  1. Bruin Fisher says:

    You are clearly a naturally creative person – given the setting you saw the story. And it looks like a wonderful setting for a story, so I hope the short film gets made. If it doesn’t, I hope you will write it as an illustrated story instead.

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