Alpaca love

Alpaca love - bless their cotton socks.

I was looking through my photos for one to use in the background of a book of short stories when I came across this, taken last year at the open day of ‘Lightfoot Alpacas‘ in Hawkhurst, Kent.

It was a lovely sunny day and, as days out go, it was a great success. You see, alpacas are soooooo cute it’s damn near unbelievable. They are the very definition of cuteness. They are cuteness personified – no, really, they are. In fact I’m amazed there isn’t a cult of alpaca worshippers out there. Oh, just so we’re clear: alpacas aren’t my bag (or sweater, or socks, either). They’re just cute; damn cute and it’s hard to lose the rictus smile when you eventually go home.

The fact of the matter is that if you took a bus load of hardened criminals to see the alpacas, they’d come back repentant and safe to release.

Waffle over.


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