All the fun of the fair

The funfair arrives

Sun setting as I drove M home from music lessons and we saw the funfair had arrived. It’s a yearly event – though this year there is a one off price of £7.99 which get you a wrist band and allows you to ride all day (though only 6 times on the dodgems).

I’ve never been. There’s a large and permanent fair on the sea front that, frankly, looks a lot safer though I haven’t been there either. I went on the pier, but as a right pair of bastard burnt it down last year, that’s out.

The last real fair I went to was Battersea funfair when I was at school – which would make a good short story considering we all got mugged and I had to scream at the man running the rocket to stop it before I threw up. He did, and so did I – a salutary lesson not to eat candy floss whilst on a violent sick making whatsit.

Perhaps vomiting is an integral part and parcel of the funfair experience?


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