Canada 2011 – the best Grand Prix ever!

Jenson Button wins 2011 Canadian Grand Prix

I’m not into a lot of sport: Football, the British staple, doesn’t interest me at all; I used to watch tennis – or Wimbledon, at least – but not recently. Then in 1996, when I rehearsed with a band in Bexhill, I was turned on to Formula 1. Fast cars! Yummy. I like driving, so obviously fast cars turn me on.

So, on and off since 1996 I’ve watched the F1 circus tour the world: and for the last ten years I’ve seen almost every race on TV.

Yesterday I watched the whole of the Canadian Grand Prix – Including the nearly two hours it was red flagged for rain – and it was the best spectacle I’ve ever seen!

After the re-start, and until the very last few laps, the race was close to a shoe-in for Sebastian Vettel. And then … and then Jenson Button, who had stopped 6 times to Vettel’s 3 caught him. He caught him on the penultimate lap and pressured him so much that Vettel made a mistake! Button’s drive was stellar; it was almost, considering the conditions, fantastical. And he won!

If I see another race that has so much action is so entertaining and has anywhere close to the drama then I’ll probably be in heaven – not that I’ll be spending my time in heaven (or wherever) watching F1. 😉


2 comments on “Canada 2011 – the best Grand Prix ever!

  1. Merkin says:

    If that’s a photo of you top right in bathing briefs with your backside toward us, how come your right arm is inches longer than your left? Just asking…



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