Solstice shadows

A shadow on the solstice

I’m generally a glass half full kind of chap, but when the summer solstice comes around I can’t help reverting to the ‘woe, woe and thrice woe, the year is over’ kind of mentality. After all, the sun has reached its zenith and is now creeping inexorably towards darkeness and the winter solstice –  its nadir. Sigh. 😦

I went on a splendid walk that took in the beach, the canal, the pill box and the valley inhabited by rabbits and sheep. Each has its charms and each is evocative in its own special way. The photo says it all, really.

Tomorrow I’ll be fine. It’s over and done with for this year and I can look forward to leaping around at the winter solstice as I persuade myself it’s instantly starting to get light again. Or, I could migrate between here and Australia and never have to worry again. 🙂


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