Wheel Of Time

Book one of The Wheel Of Time - The Eye Of The World.

Julien and Rad at The Author’s Haunt turned me on the Robert Jordan and his series, The Wheel of Time.

At first I wasn’t particularly interested; too busy and lackadaisical. Then I found book one (of fourteen, another fact that put me off) in a second hand bookshop and paid a couple of pounds for it. It might well turn out to be the best money I’ve spent in a good long while. Admittedly, it took a few chapters to get really into the characters and story, but now I’m hooked – line and sinker. Yesterday I went back and lucked into book two!

If you haven’t read it then do – at least book one, ‘The Eye Of The World.’ The story is so good it is well worth a few hours of TV-less time as the wheel continues to turn.


2 comments on “Wheel Of Time

  1. Bruin Fisher says:

    You have got to be joking!?!? Fourteen books? So I read the first and I’m hooked, I have to put my entire life on hold while I plough through thirteen more books? I remember when I discovered Terry Pratchett, I didn’t sleep, couldn’t work, lost interest in food…

    I’m supposed to be writing, not reading, just now, and I know at least one friend who’ll be on my back if I don’t get on with my current story. So… Robert Jordan will have to wait, methinks!

  2. Nick Calvert says:

    Very, very different to Terry Pratchett. But it will suck you in. If I didn’t have other things to do I’d be much further on, and everytime I have to put it down I sulk.

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