If there is a point to all of this it’s slipped me by
We’re born, sleep a lot, make love, wither, die.
Lessons we learn, trials we suffer through
Covered with sod or burnt, it is adieu.

I strive to make a difference, yearn to carve my mark
Battle genetics daily to change apathy to spark
Yet if there is a point I’m afraid I don’t see it now
Prithee tell me, I will be remembered how?


I wrote this an age ago – or so it seems. Though it’s still how I’m feeling, now.

Perhaps it just goes to show the cyclic nature of life … or maybe I’m just an arse? 🙂

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2 comments on “Adieu

  1. Bruin Fisher says:

    This is delightful and poignant. Your ability to craft words like this is what carves your mark. You will be remembered for your writing among other things, certainly. But you will also be remembered for a lot of great things that you haven’t done yet – so don’t give up on us just yet, okay???!

  2. Nick Calvert says:

    Thanks, and I won’t just yet. Too much stuff to do, don’t you know. 😉

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