Blood & mosquitoes.

That's my blood, that is ... the fuckers!

Yes, it’s a really bad if not truly appalling photo (though it was taken on a phone in a room with pretty dim light). The thing is I’m worried. Either there are a LOT MORE savage flying biting beasties this year, or I’ve lost my mind.

Last year it was hot. In high summer (where we are now a year on) it was so damn hot all the windows were open nearly all the time. Yes, I had a few bites, but they weren’t bad.

This year it’s like I’ve teleported to another planet. The bites swell up to enormous lumps which last for several days before going down. As I write I’m sweating in a long sleeved shirt and a dressing gown – but this, believe it or not, is better than suffering the damn bites.

I suppose there’s a chance I’ve become allergic to mosquitoes. But why now? Hmm? Or maybe, if you like conspiracy theories, ‘someone’ wants us out of this overblown shed and is pumping mosquitoes in through its cracks. I dunno, but I’m not happy. I’m not happy at all. 😦

The internet isn’t a lot of help, either. It exacerbates my paranoia with articles about the rather nasty Blandford Fly, which is spreading countrywide. And then there’s this – and I warn you not to watch it if you’ve just eaten. It’s a chap who was bitten by a mosquito and … well, you’ll see.

It’s a battle, and not one I think I’ll win. Even though the walls and ceilings are dotted with their corpses there’s still the question of my blood. I wonder if eight imperial pints is enough?


2 comments on “Blood & mosquitoes.

  1. Bruin Fisher says:

    Mosquito larvae need stagnant water to grow and develop into adults. Hot dry weather therefore is not ideal for them to breed in – they need puddles. In this country the species is usually Theobaldia Annulata – you can tell them by their stripey socks – and they’re large, and slow and stupid, so it’s not usually too difficult to swat them, unlike the little fast buggers you get in Mediterranean countries.
    Spray your bedroom an hour before bedtime and then close the doors and windows. By the time you come to bed any of the little beasties that were lying in wait for you will have gone to meet their maker.

  2. Nick Calvert says:

    Yep, that’s good advice, but I don’t have the patience to do a legging check to see if they deserve to get whacked. Anything that moves – except spiders and moths – gets belted. And though I’m loath to use spray (because it kills the spiders who are doing their best to help) I have been.

    Yet still they get through. They’re after me, I tells ‘ee, after old blind Pugh. The buzzing bastards!

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