RIP Steve

Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011

I never met him, but he changed my world profoundly.

I remember watching the 1984 ad for the macintosh at the Odeon Leicester Square – I can’t remember the film I went to see, but the advert was stunning.

Later I spent a small fortune on an LCII, bought a G4 when they first came out, and I still have an old G5 at the heart of my studio. I’d like to update, but sadly can’t afford to.

Apple changed the face of music and video production, which, for me, is the key to why I feel so sorry Steve has gone. But more importantly: Tim Berners-Lee designed and ran the first true iteration of the WWW (at CERN) on a NExT computer and NExT was Steve Jobs – as NExT was a lot of the interior of the new generation Macs (OSX) once Jobs rejoined Apple.


2 comments on “RIP Steve

  1. Bruin Fisher says:

    I attended the UK launch of the Apple Lisa (precursor to the Mac) which had a mouse and a graphical high resolution mono display with icons and a mouse-controlled cursor and was mind-blowing at the time, but £5,000 so nobody bought them. The first Mac was cheaper because the chips had come down in price and the spec was trimmed down, but it was still a wondrous thing. For several years after that the IBM-compatible world still had a text-based interface, using MS-DOS and WordPerfect. Windows wasn’t a viable alternative until, arguably, Win95 in 1995 – a full ten years later.

    • Nick Calvert says:

      When I started working in film I met a producer who had just spent £15,000 on a macintosh, software, and an external monitor. It seemed a HUGE amount of money, but he was happy happy happy! It would have been 1988, I guess.

      Back then, the concept of an iPhone was utterly Star Trek. It’s amazing how fast we’ve progressed in such a relatively short period of time.

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