Midnight Dude print version released.

Midnight Dude book cover

The print version of Midnight Dude has been released today. It’s taken a while and more than one proof to get it right, but finally it’s on sale.

Eighteen great gay-themed tales from a bunch of very talented authors. I’m proud to have been involved.

The cover price is $17.95 from Amazon, but until the 1st December if you’re in the U.S.A. or Canada you can get it for $12.00, or if you’re in the U.K., £11.10. Both prices include delivery.

Get it HERE

You can also get the eBook there, too.



It’s not looking good. Day ten and I should be around 17,000 words when I’m at 3,721.  Still, there is time. Time to recover – if I don’t bother working… or breathing… or – you get the drift.

Here, to add to my utter shame (wail at the self flagellation) is another view.

Either I will or I won’t. As I write I’m not that bothered, though I am well aware I can’t leave it a lot longer if I’m to get my mojo on. What the hell is mojo, anyway?