Elbow’s ‘build a rocket boys!’


I’ve just heard Elbow‘s 2011 album ‘build a rocket boys!‘ for the first time and I don’t know what to think.

‘The Seldom Seen Kid’, their 2008 album, which won the Mercury prize, was phenomenal. I discovered it as we were recording our first album and was gob smacked. It was pure genius, just bloody brilliant! I loved it; listened to nothing else for a month, and spent most of that time sinking into a deep depression thinking I’d never be as good a songwriter as Guy Garvey (who, along with Elbow, I’d never heard of before).

The Seldom Seen Kid‘ was an eye opener. A turn on to a new band, an album I loved (in case it’s not obvious!), and I was in awe. Then… well, then we finished ‘Dealing With Liquids‘, had it mastered and released, and I went on to other things, occasionally listening to a track or ten of Elbow as I went about my life.

Until today I hadn’t realised they’d recorded another album, and I was so, so excited!

And now I’m confused, really confused. ‘build a rocket boys!’ had rave reviews, but on a first listen I don’t hear it, I just don’t hear it. I hope it’s a grower. I hope after listening to it a few more times I’ll like it, love it, and understand why it’s so good. I hope. Sincerely I do. But sitting here, writing this, I’m not sure.

I’ll update at some point.