Ugly, oh so ugly!

Dear god, let this be a mistake!


Though I have yet to go to an actual race, and I’m disparagingly called an ‘armchair fan,’ there’s no doubt I love Formula One. It’s wicked and splendid and wonderful and I’ll argue until the cows come home for my right to watch it. However, this just released picture of the 2012 Caterham CT01 is making my hard on for the sport wilt. Fast.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything with less beautiful lines in my life. Once upon a time I had a Skoda, and it was gorgeous in comparison.

Whatever the rules are that meant a designer had to design the car above need to be changed. Now, if not sooner. Now, before I (and a lot of other F1 fans with eyesight) give up F1 for International Tiddlywinks. Please?

Pretty please?

Pretty please with bells on?


I am a songwriter, and also a writer of wicked fiction. I'm in a writer-centric business, too: creating eBooks, cover design, as well as typesetting for print. I am English - so naturally self-deprecating. ;)

3 replies on “Ugly, oh so ugly!”

It does look rather like someone’s first attempt at fibreglass moulding, using cardboard boxes as formers! However it has one redeeming feature – it’s painted British Racing Green, which is the right colour for a racing car, reminiscent of a 1920’s 4.5 litre Bentley, with leather straps over its long bonnet, and a bulbous supercharger sticking out at the front. Now that’s hard-on material!

British Racing Green or not is no mitigation for … for that thing.

Worse (how could it posibly get worse?):
Mike Gascoyne said: “The rules for the lower noses have dictated a development direction and I’m sure we won’t be the worst-looking one out there. I think it’s going to be a common theme.”


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