Passionate about food

We’re all passionate about food given the chance. Deciding what to eat; deciding where to eat–if we’re lucky enough to be able to afford to eat out.

Who wouldn’t rather eat wholesome home grown food rather than processed homogenised re-formed crap? The thing is most of us don’t think about it. We scarf down hamburgers and fries from cheerful chain restaurants, and yes, they taste mmmm, delicious!

But we seldom think about the reality of what’s in the hamburger we’ve eaten, and we don’t think about the devastation of the rain forrests to graze more beef cattle, or the suffering the animals have to go through before being turned into quarter pound beef patties. Likewise, we eat sausage and eggs without thinking about how the pigs have lived prior to slaughter, or the lives of the battery chickens that provide the majority of the eggs we eat. And who really knows what damage genetically manipulated crops will leave us with in the years to come?

Here’s a chap who has thought about it. Not only is he 11 years old but he provides a more cogent argument for change than I can. I hope he succeeds. Sincerely.


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