Cold brew and Doctorow.

Cold brew in the fridge. Yum!

When writing a story the least you need is a beginning and an end. The end is easy: it’s this blog entry. But where, oh where to begin?
I was staying at my sister’s in Twickenham a couple of years ago. I’d gone to bed and wasn’t that tired, and as the house is stuffed full of books I browsed the bookcase on the top floor landing. I know, it doesn’t sound like the start of a riveting tale, but it is! It’s a tale that winds up a couple of days ago; yet a tale that will continue for years to come. Intrigued yet?
So. I was browsing the bookcase when I stumbled upon a writer I’d never heard of before. Never, I swear it. Cory Doctorow was the name, and the book was a well thumbed paperback copy of ‘Little Brother.’
I was very tired before I put out the light, and the next morning – a sunday – sitting around the kitchen table with the rest of the family reading the papers, I almost finished it before I had to leave. My nephew – it was his book – leant it to me and, after driving home like a lune, I shut myself away and finished it.
It blew me away.
A couple of days later I read it again.
I meant to give the book back the next time I went up to stay. Honest.
And so I looked into this new favourite author: this Cory Doctorow who had written a book I (still) wish I could have written. And in the looking I found so many new things to get excited about it was almost as good as sex… okay, maybe not that good.
I’d tell you a lot more, but It’s a more fun, and well worth it, if you follow the links and explore yourself.

Cory Doctorow has written an awful lot of excellent fiction, and for those of you who are broke/skint/brassic, he has released it all for free under a creative commons licence on his website.

So what’s all this about Cold Press? I hear you wonder.
Well, I love coffee. Yep, I do, and I drink far too much of it. However, until I received an email from TOR a few days ago I had no idea I was missing out, and missing out in a major way.
TOR is a publishing house. They publish books, they don’t deal in coffee – or if they do I’m not aware of it.
Anyway, I got an email ’cause I’m on their list. I wanted to find out about the last book in the Wheel of Time series that is being released in early 2013. You know, The Wheel of Time? A vast series written by Robert Jordan and being finished by Brandon Sanderson. Sigh. So, I’m on TOR’s mailing list and lo and behold I find out that not only has Cory Doctorow written a sequel to ‘Little Bother’ called ‘Homeland’, and it too is being released early next year by, umm, TOR, but … BUT! The first few chapters have been put up on the TOR website to wet and whet the appetite.

May I digress? Just once more?
I’ve been to California. I have good friends living there and they’ve been trying to get me to go to ‘Burning Man’ for the last few years. Sadly – for me, not them – I haven’t managed it, due to lack of finance. But … BUT! The first part of ‘Homeland’ is set at Burning Man. Burning man is a money less event and people barter. In ‘Homeland’ we are re-introduced to Marcus, the heroic protagonist from ‘Little Brother.’ Marcus is now nineteen and the barter goods he has brought to Burning Man are jars of cold brew coffee.
– Phew, I knew I’d get there in the end.
‘Cold Brew what?’ I thought, once I’d re-read the sneak-peak a couple of times.
Cold brew coffee is coffee like you’ve never tasted. Because it’s cold brewed over a long period – 24 hours is best – the flavours haven’t been demolished by heat. You get all the nuances, all the goodness, and a large belt of caffeine, too.
Try it! Cold brew really is fantabulous!


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