Hoovering and other thoughts.

I hoovered the house today. I’d put it off for yonks but suddenly felt the need – no idea why.

It gave me time to think about the world and my place in it. It gave me time to think about platonic love and friendship, as well as frenemies – a newly coined word to describe complex love/hate relationships. It gave me time to think about the band and why I’m so apathetic about it – to the extent I don’t really give a shit anymore. It gave me time to think about why I’m inveterately incapable of setting goals and achieving them – I’d like to put it down to genetics as my dad was much the same, but that would be feeble.

There are days when I can entirely understand those that walk out of their lives and vanish. There are days when I desperately need some kind of reassurance that this life has a point.

The place where we live. We only have the one.

We inhabit a planet that, to me, seems unique. We’re adrift – without lifeboats – with finite supplies in a universe we are trying hard to understand but don’t. Yet we are doing our very best to destroy the only place we have to live. Overpopulation is now no longer a possibility but a fact, as is global warming, sea level rises, and imminent starvation.

At this point I’d reached the top floor and had to re-plug the hoover as well as berate the cat for snoozing in my chair. Bloody cats! Can’t live with them, can’t live without them: they’re just total sweetie-pies. But I digress.

I plugged the hoover in and continued musing.

A glossy A5 double sided card came through the letterbox this morning. Some chap with gleaming teeth and a white suit who is going to be holding a revival meeting and preaching to the masses next weekend. I think I might go. Not because that sort of church thing appeals, but because I need to make a living and they do say (not entirely sure who they are) that if you want to get rich quick then start a religion. Really, it’s a pity I’m agnostic because I could do with a bit of blind faith as the world continues devolving around me.

Though I didn’t come up with any mind-bogglingly wonderful ideas for saving myself, my loved ones, the planet, humanity, or indeed any of the other poor species we co-habit with and continually fuck over, I did finish the hoovering.

Until the next time, then. Ave.


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