NaNoWriMo day 2

Ironically, I find I have work to do for the next few days. Not that I’m complaining in this awful financial climate, but it would have to happen just as NaNo kicks off. Still, I managed a reasonably healthy 2,149 words on day 1 which meant I went to bed smiling.

A normal day involves a lot of frittering and I can seldom put my finger on where the hours went … which is not to say I’m narcoleptic! It’s just that it’s so easy to visit a website, follow an interesting link … and another one, and another one … and find an hour or three has vanished. Add all these interweb adventures together and the days roll on by – bye.

The obvious solution is to give up everything else but work and NaNo for this month. Yet, here I am blogging. Is blogging a waste of time? Dunno. Surely no more than going to the loo. 😉