I read a lot of fantasy and dystopian fiction but I never thought, in my wildest dreams, that I’d be living in one. The writer certainly knows how to keep the plot fresh with exciting cliffhangers!

One Wednesday our Prime Minister, the wondrously blond Churchillian wannabe Boris Johnson, portentously announced that we’d have a public enquiry into the government’s handling of the pandemic which will start in 2022.

Perhaps BJ was a tad optimistic, because from what I’m reading the present chapter, ‘Road To Normality,’ is barreling towards a doozy of a cliffhanger… and yes! Here it comes!

The Indian Variant: B.1.617.2. Possibly 50% more transmissible and running rife in the north of England.

There are two types of writers:
‘The Outliner,’ like J. K. Rowling, who carefully outlines their entire story before they begin writing; and ‘The Pantser,’ who sits down and writes what comes. Stephen King is a pantser, and you can’t deny he writes very good horror.

As a pantser myself I am hoping that at some point in the future I’ll be able to turn the last page and put the book away. But until we get to the climax – where it dawns on our politicians that we all live on a small planet in the middle of nowhere, and countries, and religion, and ethnicity, and wealth are irrelevant when it comes to viruses – it’s looking bleak.

Heaven forbid there’s a sequel.



I am a songwriter, and also a writer of wicked fiction. I'm in a writer-centric business, too: creating eBooks, cover design, as well as typesetting for print. I am English - so naturally self-deprecating. ;)

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You want to hear something scary?

As pandemics go, covid is pretty mild – a fatality rate of 1-2%, compared with the 0.1% of influenza. And I mean actual influenza, the kind that hospitalises, not just a bad cold.

Ebola and bubonic plague have 50% fatalities.

Transmissibility is hard to estimate, but it’s certainly less easy to catch than, say, measles.

So, as we get roughly one pandemic per century, and we were overdue for the next one… this may not even be it.

The big one may still be waiting. And seeing as how our beloved government’s “strategy” is “cross fingers and tell lies”… well, the sequel usually has a higher body count than the first movie.

Hi Nick.


Hello Grant.
One pandemic per century… unless they’re like buses and turn up in threes. The problem is that each iteration of variant is getting nastier and if the scientists think it’s ‘of concern’ then so should we all.
I don’t think there is ‘an answer.’ What will be, will be. But the reports from India strongly indicate caution might be wise….

I’d like to add: our blond wannabe Churchill has, yet again, stuffed up.
The Delta variant is now running rampant through the UK and our ‘irreversible’ coming out of lock-down plan is delayed by a month.

Yeah, each lockdown was too little too late, and the 4-week extension to lockdown 3 is the same. But, if the choice is an insufficient extension versus keeping to a stupid deadline… blond Churchill has chosen the less disasterous path.

A small personal aspect: I was supposed to take a three-month extended working-holiday in the sunny middle-east. I’m all vaccinated but, thanks to the bereaucracy for travel getting messed up by Boris et al, I can’t. That, and the lockdown extension.

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