I like to think I’m a musician. Okay, I am a musician–in that I play songs I write–but not much else as I’m not technically very proficient at much other than drums and music software. I write with guitar and keyboards and in my head, but if asked “what key is that in?” I’ll look blank, because I’ll honestly have no idea: which is why I often work with Mick Dorey. Mick is musically proficient and adores complicated chords–sadly, not my bag.

In the early 2000’s  I started a ‘thing’ (an on-line alter ego) called Kamakura. It was originally a solo project until David Loach and I started to play live in local pubs. Mick Dorey took over from David Loach. Later, Mark wright joined, followed by Nick Ward and Martin Haslam. We gigged quite a bit in mid 2012 and now Kamakura, the band, is on Hiatus.

But Kamakura isn’t my only musical interest. Under the same name, at a great site for loop artists called Tapegerm, I wrote twelve tracks using other peoples samples and turning them into songs: check it out!

I have a raft of unfinished songs to finish, too.

So, now that Kamakura–the band as iteration 4–is pretty much over I’m not sure what I’ll do. But whatever it is will be linked from here and the menu.


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