Kamakura – iteration 5 is:

Nick Calvert – Vocalist, Guitar, Keyboards, Drums, Production.

Kamakura started life as Nick Calvert’s online performance name over at a rather peachy website: www.songfight.org. The idea was (and occasionally still is) to write, record and upload a song in a week to a title given to you by the site.

I wrote around thirty songs – simple tuneful songs played by a guy with a guitar, or sometimes, a guy and a keyboard. And I made some good friends – some of whom I collaborated with, too.

In 2004 Songfight went live and the artists living in the UK got together to play a gig.

Then came www.tapegerm.com – a site where musicians upload loops for others to use in song creation.

I was still convinced that a song had to have lyrics, in the end I recorded 12 tracks.

That was Kamakura iteration 1.

Iteration 2 began soon after the Songfight UK gig. I wanted to carry on playing live, but needed at least one more musician. David Loach joined for a short while playing guitar and bass and singing harmonies. As a duo  it wasn’t bad, but David lived a ways a way and left to be replaced by Mick Dorey.

Mick Dorey and I go back a long way. He’s not only my co-producer, but my best friend as well. We played a lot of gigs around Hastings and then in June 2005, with the addition of David Loach on Bass and a drummer, played at the Pestalozzi Festival.

In 2008 Mick and I played at another festival and met Mark Wright, who joined the band as lead guitarist.

Which, along with backing singer Brigitte Hurford, became iteration 3.

In late 2009 we recorded our first album ‘Dealing with Liquids.’

Kamakura’s ‘Dealing With Liquids’

Released in June of 2010 the 12 track album is available in both physical and digital formats from our website at Bandcamp, and in digital format from iTunes and other good sites.

Then came iteration 4, which brought in Nick Ward on drums and Martin Haslam on bass. Kamakura became a real live ‘in your face’ band playing prog-pop. And they were damn good at it, too.


And along comes Iteration 5!
Having moved to Wales Nick is Back on his own, and working on a personal set of songs.


Iteration 6 will, no doubt, be along at some point. Who knows what it will bring?


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