A brief introduction to The Portsmouth Sinfonia.

The 1970’s were an odd time, what with Biba, flares, platforms, and me becoming a wide-eyed teenager listening to Sgt Peppers over and over and over again – which is not a reference to Nana Mouskouri who my Dad fancied something rotten, though he never actually said as much. Well, he wouldn’t, would he?

Then I discovered Pink Floyd and… but I digress. I was turned on to The Portsmouth Sinfonia by a good friend after I became a drummer. I’ve often wondered why. Perhaps he thought I should go and join them? Hmm. Nevertheless, along with Monty Python, The Portsmouth Sinfonia have given me many many laughs.

Without further ado, here they are playing ‘Sunrise’ from Strauss’s ‘Also sprach Zarathustra.’ And here is a link to their Wikipedia page. Enjoy! 😀