Kamakura Sussex

Apocryphal or what.

Kamakura - on the rack in HMV


A while back, though not in the dimest past, I found Mick sniggering. On asking him what was so funny he said he’d put a copy of our album ‘Dealing With Liquids’ in the racks at HMV Records in the town centre.

‘Sure you did,’ I said in a disbelieving tone designed to wind him up. Then I forgot. A while later he said there were now three in there and they been marked up at £10. ‘Hmm,’ said I, as sometimes young Mick can be a little fanciful … a little bit Walter Mitty.

So … I finally found myself near HMV and went to have a look: and now I publically kowtow, and apologise for disbelieving him. There was our CD in all its shrink-wrapped glory. I was almost tempted to buy it so they’d re-order; I was almost tempted to buy it to see if we ever received a royalty statement.

The thrill of seeing your own album in a large record store is worth the cost of putting the album there yourself. Better, anyway, than having them glaring at you from a shelf above your desk.

Word! 🙂

Elbow’s ‘build a rocket boys!’


I’ve just heard Elbow‘s 2011 album ‘build a rocket boys!‘ for the first time and I don’t know what to think.

‘The Seldom Seen Kid’, their 2008 album, which won the Mercury prize, was phenomenal. I discovered it as we were recording our first album and was gob smacked. It was pure genius, just bloody brilliant! I loved it; listened to nothing else for a month, and spent most of that time sinking into a deep depression thinking I’d never be as good a songwriter as Guy Garvey (who, along with Elbow, I’d never heard of before).

The Seldom Seen Kid‘ was an eye opener. A turn on to a new band, an album I loved (in case it’s not obvious!), and I was in awe. Then… well, then we finished ‘Dealing With Liquids‘, had it mastered and released, and I went on to other things, occasionally listening to a track or ten of Elbow as I went about my life.

Until today I hadn’t realised they’d recorded another album, and I was so, so excited!

And now I’m confused, really confused. ‘build a rocket boys!’ had rave reviews, but on a first listen I don’t hear it, I just don’t hear it. I hope it’s a grower. I hope after listening to it a few more times I’ll like it, love it, and understand why it’s so good. I hope. Sincerely I do. But sitting here, writing this, I’m not sure.

I’ll update at some point.

Kamakura Sussex

A nice bit of Sissinghurst

The foodles part of an 'official' Sissinghurst Tea.


Living in Bohemia, as I do, I try to live an ever faithful ‘Bohemian‘ lifestyle. Sadly, silk dressing gowns, opium in hookahs, exploring interesting sexualities and oodles of laudanum – and so deliciously forth – are out, primarily because of the cold (outrageous, the cost of heating one’s pile, damned outrageous) and the illegality. I’d move to casablanca where it’s all possible, but Kamakura – the band I howl for – might complain, the cats certainly would, and anyway, gosh I ain’t got the dosh. Casablanca is not what it once was – and certainly not what Evelyn Waugh‘s Brideshead Revisited painted it as.

Erm … where was I? Oh yes.

Sissinghurst in the Weald is known as one of the fave retreats for the Bloomsbury set: Virginia Woolf, Vita Sackville-West, E.M.Forster et all. And so from one we meander to another, to the Sissinghurst Tea. Yes, by far the best thing to take your mind off being without your little luxuries, and being straighter than a die when trying to write opiated poetry and fiction, is a Sissinghurst Tea – the scrumptious and most mouth wateringly drooling part of which is pictured above (oh gawd how delish! Infact the jam was almost teetering on ruinous).

Without doubt a Sissinghurst Tea makes for a truly magical, sensual, and creative afternoon – though for an ‘official’ tea you do need a dispossessed aristocrat to bake the cake (luckily, I had one to hand). For the sipping either Lady Gray or Lapsang Souchong will do, the latter being my preference.

So … take the day off. Relax in a hot bath during the morn (pre or post bath sweaty sexual and sensual massage nice, but not essential). A languid lubuncular lunch should follow and then, after a splendid siesta, prepare for and have your Sissinghurst. You won’t regret it. 🙂




Album Graphics

The Traffic Light!

This is the traffic light that appears on the cover of Dealing With Liquids. One day it will, no doubt, be famous. Indeed.



'Dealing With Liquids' - Kamakura's 1st Album.

Here’s the start of the advertising campaign for ‘Dealing With Liquids’, our (Kamakura’s) first album. In my mind’s eye at any rate; it’s actually another peachy manip from Photofunia, though the real thing (later this year) will look remarkably similar! If you want to check out the music and buy the album go to