No! It has to be wrong.

Force India F1 2012
Ferrari F1 2012


Admittedly I know sod all about air flow, turbulence, or F1 car design. I’ve never been near a wind tunnel, either. But I do have an eye for aesthetically beautiful design and a gut instinct for what looks wrong.

So what is going on? Surely there can’t be a cabal of designers who have all gone off their heads, can there? And yet the Caterham—that launched on the 25th January—has an ugly ‘Quasimodo’ type lump, and now both the Force India and the Ferrari have lumps too.

The only car (so far) that has any of the beauty I’d expect from F1 is the McLaren. McLaren are a good team, a great team, but surely they can’t be the only team to get it right? Maybe these aesthetically ghastly stepped designs are the right way to go. Maybe McLaren have got it wrong. But I don’t see it.

Yours, in worried confusion. 😉