Let them eat cake

Our Sunday cake - and delicious it was, too!

This beauty was created, beaten and baked by Brigitte to rid us of eggs that were worryingly close to going off.

It was either cake or an omelette, and as I am the ‘doyen’ of the omelette around these parts and I was far too lazy to cook … it was decided to make cake. And yummy it was too! 🙂

Filo, spinach and ricotta, parcels

Yum, yum, yummy yum.

For diner tonight there were splendid Filo spinach and ricotta parcels. True, the filling was as hot as a star gone nova – but the pain was more a side effect of my impatience and greed than the parcel’s fault. The sweetcorn was yummy as well. All in all a damn fine nosh.