Rainbow Flag.

Rainbow Flag

I was going to put up another bleak picture of the beach but I thought it was too cheerless and, well, bleak. So here’s a cheery flag to look at.

The Rainbow flag means a lot more than just being a bright, cheerful, colourful and uplifting image. People all over the world – people just like you and me – are being tortured and sometimes murdered because of their sexuality. Why? And who cares about other peoples sexuality?

Here’s a poem I wrote a while ago.


What I do with my cock is my business
It’s consensual, it’s my choice, it’s my private affair
You read your scripture; I don’t poke your eyes out
Leave me alone – you don’t like me, think I care?

The tenets you follow are the same for us all
Be good to your neighbour, don’t covet or kill
So get on with your life and leave me to mine
We all have blood; to live with, not spill.