Art or…?

A few of Ai-Weiwei's hand-made ceramic sunflower seeds.

I’m outraged that with a world on the brink of disaster – atrocities in Baba Amr (Syria) that the West seem incapable of stopping; the Iranian situation; x millions starving and living below the poverty line, not to mention the ice caps melting – that Tate Modern have scrounged, yet again, from the public purse to buy eight million hand-made ceramic sunflower seeds.

Ai Weiwei’s exhibition of a hundred million hand-made ceramic sunflower seeds might have been ‘stunning’ and ‘tremendous’ and ‘mind blowing’, but really it was a turbine shed full of pebbles – okay, so they were pretty pebbles. Now, it’s a clever ploy to fleece the U.K. exchequer – in the guise of The Art Fund – of hard won petrol revenues, not to mention all those other cloth eared dimwits who’ve chipped in. AND they’re not even getting the whole exhibit! Al WeiWei still has the other ninety two million hand-made ceramic sunflower seeds to flog to naive collectors the world over.

I thought that Tracy Emin’s bed was the ultimate ‘con,’ but it seems I was mistaken.

Mark my words: there willl be hand-made ceramic sunflower seeds coming out of EBay’s arse before too long.

It all seems somewhat reminiscent of the last days of Rome. There we all are: fiddling, while the world goes to hell around us.

Read and weep.

Read and weep some more

Kodak daze

Kodak daze


I find it immeasurably sad that Kodak is having to protect itself from going bankrupt—and might even go under. It’s deeply ironic that the company who led the revolution of film and photography, built the first digital camera (in the 1970’s!), has been going for 133 years,  is having to sell printers to survive.

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