…and the next day

Warrior Square Station


No more snow, though temperature low.

This, of course, doesn’t obviate the need for shopping. One simply has to trudge and bear it—which is better than beering and staggering it, I suppose. And much, much better than Vodka and crawling. Me, I’d stone and float it if I had a choice, but I don’t. Waaay too long in the tooth for that sort of malarkey. Also, I don’t know anyone to turn me on. Sad, but true.

One thing that does turn me on and is totally without the need for a dealer (unless, that is, you count Murdoch’s Sky as a dealer), is F1. All the big teams (except Mercedes) have released their cars now, and all of them, except McLaren, have an ugly step down just after the monocoque and before the nose. Simply speaking the McLaren is beautiful and none of the others are: which is worrying. It’s worrying because I’m now thinking maybe McLaren have gone done a boo-boo. Maybe the hideous step is vital: after all, Red Bull have one, and they’re hardly slouchily slow. Oh dear. 😦

Hmm. I wonder what tommorow will bring?


Beautiful McLaren!

2012 McLaren MP4-27

I’m not saying I got turned on when I saw the new 2012 McLaren today, but I’m certainly not saying I didn’t. Fast or not, that is a very, very beautiful car. It is aesthetically pleasing to the nth, and in comparison to the Hadean lump that is the Caterham the McLaren is a vehicle designed by a very talented chap (or chapess) from from Mount Olympus. Get my drift?

I snarfled the picture from Joe Saward’s blog (he who produces a magazine at the end of every F1 race and is, to my mind, the best F1 journalist there is).

The 2012 season gets closer every day which only goes to prove time is linear and moving in the right direction. W00T! 🙂