Upping Sticks

From Pett to Bohemia - and about time, too!

We’re upping sticks and moving from countryside to town: from Pett Level to Bohemia, St. Leonards.

The reasons are numerous, but probably the most salient is the saving of £250 a month in rent, plus, it’s a house and a place we can be ourselves. For the last two years we’ve been living in this … umm, well, to be frank, a tarted up shack. The owner bought it at the very top of the market for £250,000 and consequently has to charge a ludicrously high rent for it. We viewed on a beautiful may day and, obviously, had on rose tinted shades. In summer it’s sweltering; in winter it’s bloody freezing. Worse, this year we’ve been bitten to death by mosquitos, to boot.

We’ve never put pictures up, B wants to paint murals and can’t, and I’ve felt trapped. The house we’re moving to is a different kettle of frogs entirely. We can do what we want there. Paint it how we like; do what we want, and provided we pay the rent, and don’t raise it to the ground, all is peachy.

Another BIG motivation in moving into town is travel. Whichever way you look at it, if you live in the country you have to travel to get anywhere. The nearest shop to us is six miles there and back: a supermarket fourteen, and petrol ain’t cheap!

Jobs. Unless you want to start a small smuggling operation there aren’t any out in Pett. Besides, ‘they’ have radar and sniffer seals and you can’t ‘bring in’ much in a radio controlled boat – even if you have one, which I don’t. I’ve a gas guzzling car, but it doesn’t count.

So that’s what I’m up to. Meanwhile, in Libya, Muammar Gaddafi has legged it and the Arab Spring is trundling on and gaining ground with every day. Odd it is how there are so many different ways to live the brief time we’re allotted on our lone planet circling a sun in the spiral arm of one of billions of galaxies.

It makes you think, doesn’t it.

Wordle – neat! The world – sad.

A wordled 'Spring of Teal'

I’ve been very remiss with my post an image a day idea – though I might, if I ever stump up the inclination, go back and insert entries for the missing days … or not.

Anyway, yesterday I discovered a neat website called Wordle. Wordle has been around for a while and though I’m not early to their bandwagon I have to admit I’ve fallen in lust with it! It’s so much fun and so time wasteful – how could I not? The image above is the Wordlefied lyrics to a song called ‘Spring of Teal’ Try it. Go on, you know you want to!

In other news … the powers that be are now heavily interfering in yet another oil rich Middle Eastern country. Not that I think Gadaffi, who admittedly has a very interesting personal image, should be in charge. It’s just that we’re all broke and need the money at home. Besides, if my tax pounds are going anywhere overseas I’d like to see them helping the really needy, and not spent on bombs for the benefit of  multinationals who are overcharging me to gas up my rusty, though beautiful, Citroen Berlingo [snort].

Japan seems to have fallen off the radar, somewhat. Not that we’re completely unaware – how could we be with radioactive iodine now present in the air we’re breathing? However, gawping at truly appalling footage for a couple of weeks has almost completely inured us to their continuing misery.

Cynical and jaded I might well be, but I can’t think of what I should be doing to help. Frankly, if I don’t win the lottery PDQ I’ll be camped out in the local village hall, too.

The only recent bright spot was the first race of the Formula One season, last weekend, and even that didn’t live up to my expectations. That the seven times world champion, Michael Schumacher, is now looking well past it – at 42 – is really, really depressing. [sigh]


Earthrise from the moon (taken by Apollo 8)

I am not sure where to start with this blog post, though I know what I want to say. We’re in trouble: big trouble.

See that little blue and white thing surrounded by black? Good, because that’s where I live. And so do you. We all live on it, and we have nowhere else to go if we fuck it up. And, without a shadow of a doubt we are doing just that. Big time.

There’s a large gap in this blog and the reason for it is that I’ve been shellshocked by everything that’s going on. First there was the Egyptian freedom campaign – that worked! They did it! Then everyone else leapt on the bandwagon, thinking, I’m sure, that if the Egyptians could do it so could they. With some countries it worked. With others, not so much.

Then came the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

Like everyone else I was (and still am) glued to the news on television. It’s horrifying … yet, because it’s on TV we’re slowly becoming inured to it. It’s awful and we know it, but somehow it seems unreal … filmic … almost, dare I say it, viceral entertainment. Certainly the news reporters don’t treat it that way. They report with long faces and suitable gravitas. But their producers are fighting each other for the best stories: to be the first crew to report from ‘X’ about the ghastly loss of life. To be the first to walk through some poors dead families destroyed house … to pick watersoaked photos up off partially demolished study floors and tell us ‘they are still missing.’ The long soul destroying panning shots; the overturned cars; the phonecam footage, all meshes together to turn our brains to mush and make us truly thankful we’re not there. But with all it comes a distinct sense of the surreal – and I haven’t started on the nuclear problem.

Yet it’s all happening on that little blue and white thing floating in the cold and dark of space….

We’re bankrupt in the United Kingdom: the government tells us so and yet we’re embarking on yet another war. True: this time it’s legal. This time it’s Libya.

Don’t get me wrong. I depsise Gaddafi. He’s a despot and needs to go. But if they were going to get into shit-kicking mode they should have done it a week ago when they were asked by the Arab nations. Now it’s very close to too late.

What’s my point? So sorry if you think I’m rambling. In actuality I should finish writing this, edit it and then post the result. It would probably be more cogent. But the fact of the matter is I’m a lazy git. C’est la vie. Now you know me a little bit better.

My point, and it is valid, is that we all live on the same planet and it’s too late to continue with the way we’ve all been trundling on. If we are to survive, in my humble opinon, we have to do the following:

  1. Become one people living together on our one world.
  2. Bring together the 1st, 2nd and 3rd worlds
  3. Stop reproducing. Yes, sex is nice, but not the millions of unwanted children (or children created to garner social security payments in the 1st world), especially until we have a stable planet.
  4. Take care of our planet. Earth, Gaia or call her what you will. She’s the only place we can call home.

The thing is … we need a visionary to do it. One person who we can all believe in. I suppose that’s what Religion is for, but all the different flavours aren’t working at present.

We need a visionary leading a planet wide push to sort humanity out before it is too late – if it’s not already too late.

Off his chump?

a man who has completely lost the plot

I suppose the question that will eventually be asked is: “was he sane to begin with?” which is debatable. He had the power, an entire people under his thumb. Yet to date the international community has done nothing. They went in fast enough when Saddam Hussein rattled their cage; and yet with blatant human rights abuses and after two of his pilots defected rather than bomb their own country … they’ve frozen a few of his assets. It’s not enough and if they’re not careful it’ll be too late and a lot more will die.

Gadaffi is saying ‘There is no trouble, my people love me”. I suppose it’s possible he’s been kept in the dark and knows nothing of what’s going on … but, methinks, highly unlikely.

Gaddafi’s world stage

Gaddafi's brief 'Top Gear' moment

Muammar al-Gaddafi, made a brief appearance (pictured) and later made a long rambling speech that was almost as odd as his son’s. There is no doubt that he is a true eccentric and presently as dangerous as a well prodded rattle snake.

From what I can see – and honestly, from my couch in East sussex, I’m hardly in a postition to comment – Gaddafi is not going to do a ‘Mubarak’. No, he’s going to go down will all guns (probably gold plated) blazing.

Libyan genocide

Libyan Genocide

The Middle East is exploding with the desire for democracy. Watching Egyptians of all ages in Tahrir Square demanding their democratic rights and the final resignation of Mubarak was heart warming, but Libya!

I can’t believe that in 2011 this kind of genocide is happening – is allowed, by the international community, to happen.

A lot of it is still rumour, but I’ve heard on the BBC a man describing the bombing of civilians by Libyan war planes. That mercenaries have been employed by Gaddafi to shoot demonstrators. That the army is killing civilians too.

It’s fact that two Libyan fighter pilots who were told to bomb civilians flew their planes to malta and asked for political asylum.

It’s a fact that the Libyan delegation at the UN have disowned the regime and the Libyan justice minister has resigned.

As I write they’re saying that Gaddafi is about to make a speech on TV, but others say he has gone and is on his way to Venezuela.

It has to stop. Now.