Album Graphics

The Traffic Light!

This is the traffic light that appears on the cover of Dealing With Liquids. One day it will, no doubt, be famous. Indeed.


'Dealing With Liquids' - Kamakura's 1st Album.

Here’s the start of the advertising campaign for ‘Dealing With Liquids’, our (Kamakura’s) first album. In my mind’s eye at any rate; it’s actually another peachy manip from Photofunia, though the real thing (later this year) will look remarkably similar! If you want to check out the music and buy the album go to

Bleak Beach II

Bleak Beach II

It’s Sunday. I’ve spent all day – and it was a crisp, bright and sunny day – lounging around reading Mike Arram’s ‘The Green Side.’ Finally, I put down my eReader; I was going to go for a walk. I looked out and to my chagrin the day had gone.

So, this is what I would have seen had I gone for a trot.