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4th July: nice for most, most vexing for me :(

4th July - a Monday AND a (£%$*&&"!!!) public holiday, Stateside.

It’s now the 5th of July, and thank heavens for that. Yesterday, I hovered around the computer all day waiting for an email, or for some weency indication of how our two, 30 second, commercials were received (see post below).

All day: nada, nothing, zip, ziltch, bollocks all. Lord on a pogo stick was I getting freaked out. The job stated: If you’re not fully available Sunday (dinner time) through Monday (dinner time), please DO NOT submit for this listing!

The job came from an agency in California, which is 8 hours behind the U.K.. So having worked out that dinner would be around 8pm there – ergo 4am next day, here, I’ve been worrying ever since. Not to mention being so tired I was almost a zombie.

Then Brigitte, who has been stalwart at preventing me doing anything silly, said “It’s the 4th, you know, Independence day. It’s a public holiday in the U.S.. They won’t be at work.”

Ooooh, the sleep was nice. But now I’m out of out of whack with my normal snoozing pattern and still don’t know anything. Mick, bless his cotton socks, is always optimistic. Me, I guess I’ll wait just a little longer (read tonight) before I start eating people.  😉