Phone Cam Moon
Mindbogglingly stunning Full Moon rendered crap by phone camera

Had I had a decent camera with me (and a tripod) this would have been an orgasmic photograph. As it is the full moon, or as close to a full moon as makes no difference, is rendered into a small white dot which is not at all fantabulous. Miffed and pissed off I am, not to mention the wibbling lower lip.

So! The obvious adage is: always remember to carry a good camera, dickhead! Mea culpa.

In the other direction was an amazing, blazing, fast sinking ball of wonderment called the Sun. I missed that too. C’est la vie … shrugs in Gallic fashion and wanders off to dream of whatever wannabee photographers dream of when they’ve missed a great photograph….

A new device!

Fish Door - a multipurpose entrance

This is the front door and I’m thinking of applying for a patent! A bit more rain and a few more inches and we’ll soon be able to keep baby salmon. How cool is that! And so much cheaper than having to buy them from the supermarket.

Of course I wouldn’t batter batter, fry and eat them. Just talk to, and feed the dears. 🙂


Weathered nicely

El Sculpturoony

Found sculpture is just as valid as any other. It’s quick and dirty and there’s no long ‘lost wax method’ to waffle on about. Here’s one I pass by nearly every day. It’s yours for $10,000.

Character name

Eriks the mug

I was looking for a name for a new character. Names are everywhere, but the right name for a character isn’t always that easy. Yes, I know that sounds rather daft, if not despotic. Nevertheless it’s true – for me, anyway.

So, I was loitering in Kings Street looking in the charity shops (for tenth century gold bangles), when all of a sudden I spotted Erik. I needed both a character name and a new coffee cup and voila! There he was!


Album Graphics

The Traffic Light!

This is the traffic light that appears on the cover of Dealing With Liquids. One day it will, no doubt, be famous. Indeed.


Bleak Beach II

Bleak Beach II

It’s Sunday. I’ve spent all day – and it was a crisp, bright and sunny day – lounging around reading Mike Arram’s ‘The Green Side.’ Finally, I put down my eReader; I was going to go for a walk. I looked out and to my chagrin the day had gone.

So, this is what I would have seen had I gone for a trot.


Neighbours, eh!

The Neighbour's Front Garden

You can pick who you live with, but, unless you’re very rich, you can’t pick your neighbours. I rent a small semi-detached bungalow. It’s pretty close to the bottom of a hill in Sussex in an area prone to flooding.

The place next door was empty for ages – which was nice as the cats could retire to snooze under a beautiful weeping willow (now so heavily pruned it’s cringing with embarrassment – but that’s another story).

The chap who eventually bought it decided he needs off road parking. So this is what he’s now doing.

If you’ve seen Spielberg’sClose Encounters of the Third Kind‘ it is very reminiscent of Richard Drefuss sculpting his version of Wyoming’s Devil’s Tower

Bleak Beach

Bleak Beach
Bleak Beach at Pett

Went for a walk on the beach. It was bleak, but the conversation I had with Mick was light, frothy and cheerful. We haven’t been for a walk in an age and I didn’t realise how much I missed it. So I took this on my phones camera. It’s apt, I think; certainly more so than a wide shot or a picture of the carpet cleaning in the studio.