The Terrafugia Transition taking off


I’ve always wanted to fly, though I’ve never had enough money to get a private pilots license. I do, however, drive. I enjoy driving a lot, and the faster the car the better. It’s probably why I follow F1, but I digress. Flying and driving without having to have both a car and a plane. It seems very far fetched – very Flash Gordon, but it’s not!

For under $300,000 you too can get a flying car … or a car that flies. Reserve one for $10,000.

Here’s a video to whet your appetite.

No! It has to be wrong.

Force India F1 2012
Ferrari F1 2012


Admittedly I know sod all about air flow, turbulence, or F1 car design. I’ve never been near a wind tunnel, either. But I do have an eye for aesthetically beautiful design and a gut instinct for what looks wrong.

So what is going on? Surely there can’t be a cabal of designers who have all gone off their heads, can there? And yet the Caterham—that launched on the 25th January—has an ugly ‘Quasimodo’ type lump, and now both the Force India and the Ferrari have lumps too.

The only car (so far) that has any of the beauty I’d expect from F1 is the McLaren. McLaren are a good team, a great team, but surely they can’t be the only team to get it right? Maybe these aesthetically ghastly stepped designs are the right way to go. Maybe McLaren have got it wrong. But I don’t see it.

Yours, in worried confusion. 😉

Kodak daze

Kodak daze


I find it immeasurably sad that Kodak is having to protect itself from going bankrupt—and might even go under. It’s deeply ironic that the company who led the revolution of film and photography, built the first digital camera (in the 1970’s!), has been going for 133 years,  is having to sell printers to survive.

More from the BBC


A train that does …?

What it does no one knows. It trundles along, escapes by a nose.


Walking to the shops you have to cross a bridge at the station. This is what I saw parked up there on the Westbound platform. Now, I’m interested in many things, but trainspotting hasn’t been one of them, as yet. To be honest trainspotting (unless it’s of the Danny Boyle variety) will probably never interest me. But a train that is made up of strange looking bits, bobs, and pieces is interesting.

I was, for my sins, going to go and see what it did, but it moved off before I could get there. Fast. Perhaps it knew I was interested and gave me the proverbial finger – I don’t know if trains can be sentient, but it left just after I decided to have a gander.

It looks expensive, too. It has design, it has purpose, and it’s nothing like the cattle trucks we get to stand up in when we save up and buy a ticket. That train has a mission and I would dearly like to know what that mission is. Obviously, it’s not going to the stars, and it’s not on its way to the bottom of the Laurentian Abysmal, or up Everest. But whatever it is it does it might be momentarily interesting. Mightn’t it?

Holy Gobsmacked Hell! And other news.


I get excited about the strangest things, but this … this is just the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. Watch it and be amazed, too!

I’ll bet you watch it more than once! 🙂

In other news:

SOPA/PIPA Blackout Day

It seems the SOPA/PIPA blackout, led by Wikipedia yesterday, was successful. Eight U.S. lawmakers – including two of the co-sponsors – have withdrawn their support. The event caused Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to make his first tweet in three years – which linked to this.


The BBC’s yearly Stargazing Live had an amazing success when one of its viewers discovered a planet. The program, which ran for three nights, asked viewers to join www.planethunters.org which uses data gathered by NASA’s Kepler space telescope and gets people to spot anomalies that their computers missed.* And so Chris Holmes from Peterborough did! I watched the program for two of the three nights and it really was riveting viewing.

* Humans are better at pattern recognition than computers. It’s nice to know there’s something we can do that’s better than computers. 😉

Costa Concordia

Captain Francesco Schettino of the Costa Concordia is in deep, deep doo doo, and appears to be heading for crucifixion. Admittedly, from what I’ve read and seen on the news, crucifixion might be warranted. But I thought we worked under ‘innocent until proven guilty.’ Yes, he seems to be an abject coward who fled the scene. But is he really? The recording of the ‘conversation’ between Schettino and the coastguard is pretty damning. Still, time will tell. At present Schettino is under house arrest for possible multiple manslaughter.

The captain’s supposed cowardice brought back memories of a joke that did the rounds at school: ‘did you know an Italian tank has one forward gear and five reverse?’ Boom boom! or rather Glug glug!

Dropbox apps

Finally, if you use dropbox – and who in their right minds doesn’t use this wondrous sanity saving thing – then this article is well worth perusing: The best apps for your dropbox.


Wikipedia SOPA Blackout

Say No to SOPA and PIPA.


The likelihood that this blog has any real voice is ludicrous, but still, even those without clout MUST make it known that they’re against the U.S. SOPA and PIPA legislation. If they pass it will be the beginning of the end of the internet as we know it. If they pass and I say anything contentious, I could vanish. Oh, not me, but this site. And I’m hardly evil!

Read this article for the low-down. It’s far more erudite and knowledgeable that I could ever be.

Tomorrow there will be no Wikipedia

Tomorrow there will be no Reddit

Hockney 2012 – exhibition at the Royal Academy

David Hockney's invitation


David Hockney, without doubt one of our greatest living artists, is exhibiting a series of landscapes at the Royal Academy (21st January – 9th April). The exhibition is part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad, but why is it ending so soon? You’d think it would run through the games as an alternative for those who dislike synchronised swimming. “That’s me!” 😉

Ever since I first saw ‘A Bigger Splash‘ Hockney has interested me. Now, at seventy four, he has embraced technology to the extent of working on an iPad. I wonder what apps he uses?


Too intrusive by far

Too intrusive by far. This street camera can see into my living room.

This country I live in, this England I call home has changed beyond all belief. We use to pride ourselves on standing up for the weak; for being in the right. The saying suborned by comics ‘Truth, honour and the American way’ use to refer to us, but sadly no longer. We use to be the home of the free and now we’re the home of the surveilled. The U.K. now has more surveillance cameras per head of population than anywhere else on the planet. And, stupid git that I am, it didn’t bother me until very recently … when this camera appeared on the lampost opposite my house.

Supposedly it’s only there to put traffic wardens out of a job. Supposedly. Maybe you loath traffic wardens and maybe you don’t, but putting them out of work by increasing CCTV coverage is out of order. It is an excuse: this is not a big road I live on: it’s a little side street.

Worse: the camera is exactly opposite my living room windows. Underneath, a facetious little yellow on black sign – complete with smiley face – says: “Smile you’re on CCTV.”

No wonder we’re all slowly going downhill and becoming paranoid – in my case not quite so slowly.


Utterly in love

Want, want, want, want, want...!


It began a few days ago when I was wandering the highways and byways of St. Leonards. I stumbled into this second hand emporium on Kings Road and found a cheap Roland R8 and wanted it. It was pretty peachy back in the day. But the day was some fifteen or so years ago. Still, it would have been nice.

I walked away. Brave.

Let the fingers do the walking. I was miles away, yet suddenly I was on eBay’s Roland R8 auctions. Meh. I could just about ill afford one, but ‘honestly, grow up!’ I said to myself.

And then! Oh god, and then!

I thought I’d just check out new gear. Just have a look. You know. I didn’t really want anything, particularly. Except I have all these songs I want to record and the studio is a long way away, especially when you don’t have a car. So a little cheap recorder would be nice.

Notice cheap in the previous sentence.

Fuck me dead with a barge pole! How much?!

Want, want, want, want, want!!!!

Put it this way: If I were marketable I’d be strolling the red light district. No, really, I would.

A 24 track SDHD digital recorder for under £350. FUCK!